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A Beautiful Day for a Book Giveaway

Today is a beautiful day for a book giveaway. So that Nike symbol is there to remind us to just DO IT! Lose weight, get healthy, start a business, serve your community, etc. Whatever comes to your mind, that bis your own “Just Do It” project! 

I read “The Spark” by Chris Downie about 2 years ago and it changed several aspects of my life. Chris Downie is the founder and CEO of Spark People {a free online weight loss program}. However,  “The Spark” is much more than a weight loss book.

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{Click the book to read about it on Amazon!}

Chris candidly shares  his journey to good health and weight management as well as the details  on how he changed the entire trajectory of his life  by implementing his goal setting/accomplishing techniques.

His “Four Cornerstones” can easily be applied to all areas of life. Truth be told, his techniques worked far better for me in all *other* areas than weight loss, but I am pretty sure that has to do with many *other* issues for me {medical menopause being at the forefront!}.

Back when I first considered taking my blogging/writing to the “next level” {i.e more than just sporadic journaling}, I was working my way though this book, so I credit City Chick, in part, to the encouragement and challenges I cleaned from Downie’s ideas.

I was THRILLED to pick up an extra BRAND NEW copy at our local library book sale and so THAT is what I am offering to one of my readers :).

All you need to do is leave a comment and I will do a random, computerized drawing to determine a winner. I will mail it free of charge to anyone on the USA and Canada. 

If you care to share this offer on your site, FB, or Twitter, that would be fine…and GREAT!

So…this is my Day 8 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge!

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11 Responses

  1. Sounds interesting. I’d love to win!
    Stacy recently posted…You Can’t Go Back Again…And Would You Really Want To, Anyway?My Profile

  2. What a fun idea and a great way to create interaction on your blog! Way to go, Donna–and thanks for the book suggestion!
    Mary Anne Hahn recently posted…Marketing Henderson Harbor Part 2My Profile

    • donnao

      So glad you stopped by :). Now you are entered and can have a chance to own this copy to look over for yourself!

  3. Cindie Thomas

    Would love a copy as I am a Life Coach

  4. Joy Pence from Ohio

    I just saw your comment on Susan Branch’s blog, and clicked on your name; so I am brand new to your blog. It looks lovely. I am looking forward to reading your other posts and following you along the way!

  5. I love entering contests and now consider myself entered. I just read a bit about you in your epically awesome award post. Wow! I love these awards, you get to know a little bit more of the person (or toddler) behind the blog. :)
    Growing Up Madison recently posted…Dead Sea Spa Care Tangle & Frizz Tamer Spray ReviewMy Profile

    • donnao

      Yes, those awards are fun…and this was my very FIRST award. Maybe I will make an “I Won!!!” button for my blog and call myself “The AWARD Winning City Chick”!! Thanks for entering. I will magically announce a winner on Saturday!

  6. Denise

    My husband just bought me a pair of New Balance tie die sneakers for our anniversary (next month). He started running again and wants me to join him. The book could help me with my new “good health and weight management” life style! I hope it doesn’t include giving up pasta and bagels!

    • donnao

      No giving up much of anything….just cutting back and moderation…which I STILL struggle daily! Glad to add you into the mix.I’ll be announcing the winner on Monday!!

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