The End of a LONG Winter

let it go already

There is MUCH rejoicing! It is the END of a long winter! Can I get an “AMEN SISTA”!!??

Judging from blog posts I have read this past month, I am not the only one who believes the winter of 2014 was, without doubt, the longest winter in the history of winters.

It lasted at LEAST a full year. Maybe more. <—insert sarcasm here

The bitter cold is what did me in.  Going  out and about when the snow is falling {or has fallen} is one thing. But with wind chills hovering around Arctic temps, my couch and remote became very close friends. 

I did managed to catch up on a few TV series’ like The Good Wife and several “period dramas” {Lordy, I LOVE the BBC!!}. I also learned to  crochet {made 6 blankets}, figured out how to make Harry Potter wands, and managed to get to the gym several times a week.

There were several “tangible” accomplishments among the general highs and lows of life. 

Conversely, there have been “high & low” spiritual things going on.  st augustine There were days of proper praise and thanks to Jesus for His abundance! My “Joy Journal” is FULL and just about up to date. My family has SO much to be thankful for.

There were also days where my isolated life just got the better of me. I grumbled and complained. I sat in a pity party {yes IN my PJ’s} more days than I care to admit. I snapped at the kids, cried to my husband, and kvetched with my 2 dearest friends {you know who you are and THANKS for putting up with me!}.

Finally, the Son begins to “take over”. Of course, He was there all along, but *I* was a cloud hindering Him. Our conversations went something like this:

Jesus: STOP worrying and just let things GO! STOP thinking you need to control everything and STOP talking things to death {especially in your own mind} and STOP trying to fix things that don’t need to be fixed! Just trust Me.

Me: You mean trust you even in this silence?

Jesus: ESPECIALLY in this silence!

Me: Sigh…ok…but…shouldn’t I just…

Jesus: AHHHH! Seriously??? {In a loving, spiritual way of course}

I just do not do “letting go” all that well.

LOVE the song…HATE the concept.

Letting go takes faith and the opposite of faith is fear. {Tweet}

let it go already

 He said to them, “Why are you so afraid? Have you still no faith?” Mark 4:40

This battle is not new to me; it just morphs into different shapes.

  • Fear of the “world” came in the form of crazy church and control based parenting.
  • Fear of failure shows in my inability to start/complete projects.
  • Fear of trust, written on the “walls” I put up between myself and God’s people. 
  • Fear of being misunderstood…that’s the current battle.

Skirmishes are won, victory is experienced, but the war wages on.

Who fights your war?

It’s easy to forget exactly who it is that fights these spiritual battles for us, isn’t it? Jesus never leaves us or forsakes us {Hebrews 13:5}. There is never a battles that He is not in the midst of with us.

This truth is often clouded by fear and so our faith is rattled. 

Rattled and shaken up can be an okay thing. There can be renewal within the rattling. Faith is strengthened as He once again will show Himself to be a warrior…MY warrior.

He stands guard over me as only a loving Father can. He is my protector; the One that fights WITH me…AND for me. So I hide behind Him, knowing He ALWAYS has my best interests at heart.

As springtime literally erupts around me, I am humbly reminded that in the winter of my soul, there lies the Son. His warmth and protection never too far. 

  • My fear of the world is consoled by His conquering of the world { John 16:33}.
  • My fear of failure is made complete IN Him {Col 2:10}.
  • My fear of trusting people is overcome by my trust in Him {Psalm 9:10}.

And my current fear? The fear of being misunderstood and therefore ALWAYS feeling the need to explain myself and justify my existence on this planet???  

This can only be conquered by clinging to the promise that He is my rock and my fortress. I have no need to fear what people might think or say about me. My reputation is in His hands. { Psalm 18:2Psalm 18:6John 2:24-25}. 

Mary DeMuth has an insightful post on this topic. Funny how I came upon it while searching for a scripture reference. There nestled in her wise words was a verse I had read not an hour earlier, John 2:24-25. {Coincidence? I think not}.

john 2 24 25

Jesus was NOT concerned about His reputation because He KNEW the Father had it all under control.

What about you? Are you struggling with your reputation? With being overly concerned that you must be understood? 

I hope you know, you are not alone.

Seek His promises and cling to them. 

Impromptu sharing with others at Chatting at the Sky. What I learned in April is that winter ENDS!



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3 thoughts on “The End of a LONG Winter”

  1. As always, great post. Did Jesus really go, “AHHHH!”? LOL…you are wonderful, my friend!

    SO glad the thaw has come your way. Today is SIX years we’ve been in CO and it was snowing that day. Today, it’s gorgeous. CO has bipolar weather, so it just may snow again…this afternoon, even. Crazy!
    Barbara also had this to say…Room Transformation, Step OneMy Profile

    1. I think Jesus often goes “AHHH!” at me! I believe this is mostly because He knows I KNOW better. It’s not in a “frustrated get away from me tone” as a parent might use with a child that just refuses to obey, but more like when you take your child and “shake/laugh” at them to get their attention to quit doing something. One is motivated by selfishness and the other by a loving desire to see them overcome a particular struggle :). The weather? I give up. I plan on wearing shorts and sweaters until August.

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