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Epic Fail, Odd Fungi, and Sugar Cube Tongs

Published on July 14, 2013, by in City Chick.

My “epic fail” was that I completely missed posting yesterday {was that a collective sigh if relief I heard??}. The day was gone before I knew it and I actually fell asleep on the couch {an unusual occurrence}. My apologies to the Ultimate Blog Challenge bloggers! To make it up to you I will share a photo of what I believe to be a very odd fungi as well as a photo of my long sought after sugar cube tongs!

Today was a hot day and his first day off this week. He hates sitting around at home on his day off and since it was way to hot to clean out the shed {looks like that bad boy won’t get done until October}, we decided to check out a popular but new to us Antique show held at a local middle school.

It was only $6 to get in and most of the school has AC so it was a no brainer!

We were pleasantly surprised at it’s size as well as the variety of items being offered. I wish I was more prepared {i.e had more spending money smiley innocent Epic Fail, Odd Fungi, and Sugar Cube Tongs}. The atmosphere did not seem to allow for taking pictures, so I only have a photo so what I was able to buy. 

I have been on the look out for a sugar cube tong for quite a while. The ones I have seen are generally silver and larger that I wanted. Some have actually been ice cube tongs. They have also been in the $30-40 range. So I was pleasantly surprised to find exactly what I wanted and even haggled the lady down from $12 to $10 dollars for a perfectly sized, silver plated sugar cube tongs!
sugar cube tongs 475x360 Epic Fail, Odd Fungi, and Sugar Cube Tongs Hmmm? I think I may re-take this photo as it is dark, but it is about 4 inches long and will look lovely when I have people over for tea.

Yes, I still love the idea of having people over for tea and if you should come on over, I will serve you with a lovely tea cup with saucer, a creamer, and NOW sugar cube tongs! The local grocer still carries sugar cubes. Nice :).

After meandering about and drooling over my newest LOVE: vintage linens sweet kiss Epic Fail, Odd Fungi, and Sugar Cube Tongs, we went for a short drive to a local state park.

We stopped at it’a small museum and when we left the building I noticed these AWESOME fungi growing from a pine tree.

I do need to find a good wildlife/flower/tree/fungi identification resource. Anyone know of a good app?? 

I need to end this quick post with pictures of it. Anyone have a clue what bit is called? It was a beautiful orange/brown and felt like leather to the touch. 

Hoping you all have a fantastic evening and awesome Monday {the most under appreciated day of the week!}

100 8830 480x360 Epic Fail, Odd Fungi, and Sugar Cube Tongs large mushroom 402x360 Epic Fail, Odd Fungi, and Sugar Cube Tongs ugly mushroom 270x360 Epic Fail, Odd Fungi, and Sugar Cube Tongs

Day 14 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

UBC banner2 Epic Fail, Odd Fungi, and Sugar Cube Tongs

pixel Epic Fail, Odd Fungi, and Sugar Cube Tongs

8 Responses

  1. I had to chuckle when I read about your sugar cube thongs…so very posh of you! As a tea lover, I admit I would use them too when I have sugar cubes with my tea :) And don’t worry about missing a day…I am sure you certainly aren’t the first to do that. Visiting from the UB challenge. Keep up with the great job! It’s so much fun, isn’t it? :)
    Sherry recently posted…Day 11: The Most Obvious Mistake Entrepreneurs Make When They Invest in Their Business (And Why This Matters Most When It Comes to Your Brand)My Profile

    • donnao

      AH! THAT is what I get for relying on spell check :0)! Should I change it or give people a good laugh!?? You know, back in the day “thongs” were what we called flip-flops! TOO funny. Yes, I am quite progressive! I am enjoying this challenge a lot. Not just for the writing it is making me do, but for the great blogs I have found that I probably would not have otherwise.
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Grace my friend… Sounds like your nap was needed! I love sugar cube tongs and if I was closer I’d come for tea!
    Katharine recently posted…Fish Tales and Traditions…My Profile

    • donnao

      Oh don’t you worry my friend…we are getting our passports this year and I am planning on coming up…tongs in hand! I know we will have an awesome time and finally get that IRL prayer time in! when life is settled for you we will try again for a cyber meeting. I hope my meno-brain does not over book this time 0_0! Thanks for the encouragement to nap…so hard for me to do! Praying for you and yours :).

  3. Cool pics of the fungi.

    If I come for tea, I’ll admire your tongs but take the cream instead of sugar.
    Jenny Wilson recently posted…Christian Accountability – The Proven Method For Overcoming PornographyMy Profile

    • donnao

      OH! You can use my nifty little creamer :). Please feel free to stop by if ever you are in the NE PA area. I love drop in visits! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Would love to come to tea sometime. Sounds like you had such a great relaxing day. Hope you have many more like this.
    Melissa recently posted…Packawaying lots of Stuff With These BoxesMy Profile

    • donnao

      This summer has been oddly relaxing as I have more free time than I have ever had really. Trying to make the most of it though the days have been brutally hot! Stop by for tea anytime your in the NE PA area…I posted to someone else how much I enjoy drop in visits!

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