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Healthy Habits Are Hard to Come By

Healthy habits are are hard to come by these days!

And by “these days” I mean the wonderful, amazing,
and TASTY holi-days!


Let’s face it, it’s hard enough establishing healthy habits during the “regular” year, it can feel next to impossible  once the weather turns chilly…thus necessitating the need for hot chocolate and warm muffins and holiday tasties!

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The holiday season of 2012 was the FIRST time I had not gained at least 5 pounds. Generally I gain 6-8.

{I tend to lose that in the first 2 months of the year…AFTER I have repented of my gluttony, printed, and  then posted several copies of my new years’ resolutions around the house. Sadly, I also tend to lose momentum by February.}

Granted, I did not gain {as far as I can recall} and I will take stagnant over increasing ANY day of the week.

Even though my weight “loss” has been incremental {to say the least…currently 15 pounds down in 10 months}, I am determined to not just avoid running amok during these last 10 weeks of the year. Dare I say, I hope to lose another 8-10 pounds. 

This will take some serious strategy.

Preparing for a situation is the best defense against failure {<tweet}, so when I came across More magazines article 42 Belly Busters That REALLY Work”, I was pleased to find several useful suggestions that could work for a person that needs to lose more than 10 pounds. 

Sometimes I find these types of articles advise things that are challenging for the person that needs to lose more like 50 pounds O_O. 

Like Yoga.

yoga positions 270x270 Healthy Habits Are Hard to Come By

I KNOW there are several resources out there for the larger woman to learn yoga; AND that after a while working on these poses the body will become quite flexible.

I am SO not there yet. LOOK at those poses.

Seriously. HOW can anyone with even a little bit of a “belly” do such things???

Oh well, I am not a huge yoga fan anyway.

Back to the article…

The Health Editors at More have done a great job detailing all 42 ideas so head on over to their place as you are sure to find a few suggestions that you may implement.

Here are 6 suggestions, along with a few of my own thoughts.

  • Weigh Yourself Everyday

Generally I am not a fan of daily weigh ins. I can become easily discouraged distracted by the number on the scale and forget that this journey is about eating/living healthy FOREVER. However, over the 10 holiday weeks, I am going to do this to have a daily reminder and be accountable to myself.

  • Exercise Daily

This seems like a no-brainer. You move, you lose. However, there is something about the busy holiday season that causes me to neglect getting to the gym. Maybe it’s because this is the height of “darkness in the morning”. Who wants to get up, dressed, and out the door in the freezing, cold dark?? Not this Chickie Girl. Then again, if I want to be able to have my hot chocolate and occasional piece of apple pie, then I HAVE to be willing to quit whining and just GET THERE!

  • Keep a Food Diary

Here I am promoting Spark People again. Seriously though, other than  Weight Watchers {which has become too costly for me at this time}, this has been the only plan I have used that works. And it’s free. If you have never checked it out, I HIGHLY recommend it.

LOTS of articles, menu plans, support groups, even work out videos for all body types and levels.

Did I mention it is FREE!???

sparkpeople Healthy Habits Are Hard to Come By

  • Wear A Pedometer

I forgot I have one of these! I used one when I was using the Walk Away the Pounds DVD series {which I do love, but this menopause-d body needs more cardio to even lose half the weight I lost using WATP}. It helped me get to the 10,000 recommended steps per day. If I can;t find it, they do sell them cheap at Amazon.

QUESTION: Has anyone used the Fitbit tool? It costs a pretty penny and I don’t want to get one until I hear from people personally :).

  • Plan Ahead

Just like having a satisfied tummy before ya go shopping, do the same thing before a party. Also, and this is a HUUUUUUUGE issue for me, having something you really enjoy available during baking sessions. Last year I did this just twice and while I cannot say I did not there were NO cookie dough taste tests, it really did help me take fewer of them.

  • Downsize Your Dishes

This last one has to be the BEST piece of advice I’ve applied since buying a 32 ounce, reusable water cup! Seriously, you MUST give this a try and then come back here and tell me if it helps you. When you use a smaller plate, then less fits on it!

plate 351x270 Healthy Habits Are Hard to Come By

{Photo Credit}

If there is a dessert plate available, use THAT one for your meal. It holds a small piece of lasagna! Add salad to the plate and you get NORMAL sized servings. Overload it and then you chance ruining a nice outfit cry1 Healthy Habits Are Hard to Come By.

If you go BACK for seconds, try to wait 20 minutes… the time it takes to feel satisfied.

I hope some of these ideas will
encourage you as the holiday season approaches. This way, you can focus more on enjoying and less on obsessing {about food!} <tweet.

pixel Healthy Habits Are Hard to Come By

4 Responses

  1. And I thought I could sliiiidddeee into the holidays without any caution. Rats, ok accountability – this was a great reminder of what we should do to not over do and then feel like the holidays were a bust because we’ve gained weight. Love it!
    Carol Moore recently posted…Dealing with FearMy Profile

    • donnao

      NO sliding by the holidays and when we get together if you see me noshing for bno reason, back slab me would ya!!! <3

  2. Sounds like some great tips, Donna!
    Barb recently posted…Bible Study on WorryMy Profile

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