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My Surprise Find at the Local Salvation Army

Can you guess what my surprise find was at the local Salvation Army? 

I will give you a few more hints:

cabinet knobs 370x360 My Surprise Find at the Local Salvation Army


cabinet top 640x195 My Surprise Find at the Local Salvation Army


cabinet back 236x360 My Surprise Find at the Local Salvation Army Maybe this last one was a give away!

Here it is…in all it’s vintage REAL wood glory!!

corner cabinet1 204x360 My Surprise Find at the Local Salvation Army I have been looking for one of these for a while now, but the ones I found were either over priced {well over $100} OR they were made of that nasty press wood and laminate.

This one appears to be hand crafted as the shellac that is on it is not exactly factory issue…which makes it even MORE lovable. Solid furniture grade pine I would think.

Of course, this is DEFINITELY going to be painted. Once the living room has been painted the GORGEOUS cottage yellow, this will be painted bright white to contrast the lovely {soon to be} teal China cabinet!

Now the best part of this little deal was that it was a mere $79! Not bad at all.

The funny thing was, I had to face my fears and drive the GIANT red F-150 Ford to go pick it up!

Remember yesterday I shared how I am not a fan of the truck, but in order to get my darling piece of furniture home, it had to be placed in the back of the truck!


This truck is a bit odd in that the bed is short…only 5.5 feet. So I knew the piece would either need to be balanced onto the back, or the back left open and HOPE it didn’t slide out!

The guys at Sally’s are always very nice and they helped me load it then lent me 2 bungee cords to hold it still. Or at least still enough so it did not come sliding out as I drove up the steep hill that takes me out of the parking lot and into the road. If I could manage that, the rest would be easy as I live less than 5 minutes down the road and it is all down hill.

 My Surprise Find at the Local Salvation Army

{Okay…so it wasn’t THAT scary, but scary enough for a chicken like me!}

As I faced that uphill strip, of COURSE 10 other people decided to leave at the same time dribble My Surprise Find at the Local Salvation Army!

All I could picture was this lovely find sliding off the back of the truck and crushing my fellow shoppers!

 My Surprise Find at the Local Salvation Army

I put the hazards on and waved them all ahead of me, hoping that once they were gone, there would be an open place on the busy route so I could slowly go up the hill and directly onto flat terrain!

Obviously, I made it home with everything in one piece.

How excited I am to have this awesome cabinet. Not only will it look great in the living room, HOW much fun will it be to find “STUFF” to showcase in it!

WOOT WOOT! Another ‘Tiquing adventure in the can!

Have you a Sally’s Boutique {a.k.a. Salvation Army} in your area? If so, do you get there often–especially on Wednesday which is their family day with most clothing items at half price? Also, what have been your greatest finds!? I’d LOVE to hear about it!


pixel My Surprise Find at the Local Salvation Army

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  1. I saw that there Donna and it caught my eye! Great find!

    • donnao

      We must have been there at the same time! I was so distracted by “DO I BUY THIS OR NOT”, that I might not have noticed you there! Sorry if that’s the case 0_0. I would have liked it better at $50, but because it was hand crafted, I knew I could not pass it up. Hopefully I will paint it properly so it retains it’s cool “look”!

  2. The envy I have at persistent souls like yourself who have the patience and tenacity for a bargain. I do not have these qualities. I must go to Sally’s with you and perhaps you can help me focus.

    Love the photos you used to tell your story! Great humor.
    Carolyn Moore recently posted…A Sunday Diversion – Epically Awesome AwardsMy Profile

    • donnao

      Without humor we shrivel up inside! Laughter is awesome! I am addicted to finding a bargain. Few things pain me more than paying full price for anything :0). Join me one Wednesday. It will be fun. Of course, Sally’s is hit or miss. I go once a week and generally only find stuff half the time.

  3. Great find! I bought some Fiestaware dishes yesterday at my local thrift, but your buy makes mine look pricey. I wish I could come treasure hunting with you.
    Ginger Kay recently posted…Anticipating HappinessMy Profile

  4. Great find!! It’s beautiful.
    Anna Jeanine @ Mystic Comfort recently posted…Wishing Wand Wednesday: Who’s Looking?My Profile

  5. Cute post! My local Salvation Army has 50% everything on Wednesdays. Last week I got some great fairly new hardback book for 75 cents each! I also enjoy looking around at what other people are buying. I find it interesting that one person’s junk really is another’s treasure.
    Ramona recently posted…Say What?My Profile

    • donnao

      So true!! And I do believe that their half off Wednesday deal is nationwide :). I can go crazy with their glass!!!! Now that I have a new cabinet, maybe I will splurge!

  6. Love your find! What a deal! I recently found an oriental rug at goodwill for only $75 bucks! Usually they run upwards of $500
    Darlene Willman recently posted…Tune Into Your Natural Gifts, Strengths and TalentsMy Profile

    • donnao

      Now THAT is a great find. I did find one of those oval shaped braided rugs once…the country style ones…and it was very inexpensive so I picked it up. BY was I glad I did as it do NOT look good in my living room at all. See, I had planned on getting an expensive one and now that I saw this did not work, it saved me a bundle. It now sits in our basement :). Thanks so much for stopping by!

  7. I love a good find but right now am trying to declutter rather than get more. I love your find, though – and the pictures of your “drive home” were too funny!
    Alana (@RamblinGarden) recently posted…Simply Summer – Six Cups of WaterMy Profile

    • donnao

      :). I am what you would call an “UN” Hoarder! I have the potential of having my house filled with every crazy, little thing I fall in love with. However, I have learned that NOT buying something unless I KNOW it will have a home is so important. I de-junk regularly…if something comes in, I try to get rid of something of equal size at the same time. I ALWAYS have a Salvation Army bag with stuff in it to be sent out! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Kim

    LUUUUUV it Donna!!! See you in the morn Momma-Let me know if u want some Micky Ds coffee… :)

    • donnao

      Of COURSE…even though I shouldn’t…I will chance it and just take a pill if it disagrees! Bring your hula hoop as well :)!!

  9. Great find and truck driving! You’ll be a country gal yet? Looking forward to seeing it refinished and in place.
    Amy Tilson recently posted…Five Minute Friday: In BetweenMy Profile

    • donnao

      That truck…I do look at it as a challenge as well as a victory! The hubby made me PROMISE I would put these projects in order so ONE room gets done first! <3

  10. That was indeed a great find. My nearest Sally Boutique is almost 40 minutes away unfortunately but there are great finds to be found. You got really lucky. As for that road trip, 5 minutes away? I thought you would have been a breeze. :)
    Growing Up Madison recently posted…Real Kids Shades Review and GiveawayMy Profile

    • donnao

      I am a big ‘ole chicken when it comes to driving big vehicles!! I am very glad I did not squash anyone :). Madison…be sure you learn to drive ALL kinds of vehicles when you grow up!

  11. Carol Horn

    Wow Donna..that cabinet was a great find, its even better than you described..You probably wonder who I am…lol we met at Hobby Lobby last week. Hope you remember me, you gave me your card so I thought I’d come by to say Hi..Love your website, I’ll be check in once in a while to say Hi..Take Care Carol

    • donnao

      Thank you SO much for stopping by and yes I DO remember you! You love scrap booking and your daughter has a site which I have seen! Thanks so much for stopping by. Hobby Lobby is my new fav place on earth!!

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