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Scripture for a Sunday Afternoon

psalm 139 and 107-001

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  1. That scripture always reminds me of the adage “No matter where you go, there you are!” Holds true for the Divine, as well. Thanks for this today!
    Carol Cassara also had this to say…Port, crystal and — crystal blue persuasionMy Profile

    • donnao

      Did you ever watch the TV show “Lost”? A theme than ran throughout a particular section was that the characters identified their “constant”. The person in their lives that would bring them back to reality as it were. God/Jesus is my constant. He is always bringing me back to the truth…the reality that I am His and He is mine :). Mt human constant is my husband. He keeps me grounded and points me back to my heavenly constant all the time :).
      Thanks for stopping by :). It really encouraged me!

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