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The {Lost} Art of Writing Letters-With a Pen…On Actual Paper

It is so sad to me that we have lost the art of writing letters-using an actual pen on actual paper.

As much as I love technology-after all, without technology “we” would never have met.

I wonder…anyone out there feel the same way?

More than kisses, letters mingle souls.” 
― John Donne <tweet

I would LOVE to have a few lovely old-fashioned pen pals! Anyone interested?

snail mail 360x270 The {Lost} Art of Writing Letters With a Pen...On Actual Paper

Not a long or huge investment, but just someone to exchange hand written notes of encouragement, prayers, or even an occasional hand-made card. International letters would be welcomed as well…HELLO all my Canadian and UK friends sweet kiss The {Lost} Art of Writing Letters With a Pen...On Actual Paper.

If you {or someone you know} might be interested in a once a month exchange of letters, please let me know! Either here {with email or FB contact info} or via this email address: osh6@ptd.net

Looking forward to seeing how many others might be out there that miss the feeling of en in hand as it rolls across a newly found piece of stationary!

This is day 16 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge!

UBC banner2 The {Lost} Art of Writing Letters With a Pen...On Actual Paper

pixel The {Lost} Art of Writing Letters With a Pen...On Actual Paper

31 Responses

  1. I used to write long letters to everyone, but sort of quit when no one bothered to write back. Emails, texts, tweets and the rest are okay, but there is something so satisfying about opening the mailbox and finding a letter. You can save a letter in a pretty box and take it out over and over whenever the mood strikes. You can hold it and think of the sender. There’s nothing like it. :)
    Stacy recently posted…A Little Bit of Catch UpMy Profile

    • donnao

      I guess I need to be thankful for email and such as for years I suffered from terrible carpal tunnel pain and writing would have made it so much worse. Post surgery I can handle a few notes a month!
      I still take out old letters now and then and love reading them! Some from the teen years…YIKES! Such drama!!! :).

  2. There is something very personal about penmanship that words typed on a screen can not convey. I miss letters, too. ♡

    • donnao

      Well…if you care to write just a letter or two and then get something in your box, just let me know. If we keep it simple, sweet, and encouraging, it will be a wonderful thing! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. I am 60 years old. In my teenagerhood/early adulthood, I wrote letters, possibly hundreds if not thousands of letters, and I don’t think I exaggerate. I loved to write them. I wrote them to the man I would marry (and am still married to),some high school friends as we moved on, relatives, a couple of childhood friends (I’m still in touch with both of them via Facebook) and even a couple of pen pals. But this all ended 10 years ago when my last letterwriting person, an aunt who was nearly 80, passed away. I do miss letters in so many ways. But, at the same time, I don’t know if I would want the commitment of a new pen pal. Still please do blog about if your venture succeeds. I hope it does.
    Alana (@RamblinGarden) recently posted…Jazzing Up BinghamtonMy Profile

    • donnao

      I know I wrote tons myself! I have just one box that holds some that I kept over the years. When I was about 17, I started going to a local church youth group. There were no cell phones or email and so we wrote to each other and handed notes back and forth at meetings or int eh high school hallways :). Great memories! I will be sure to blog about my little adventure :).Thanks so much for commenting.

  4. ME!!!! I send cards all the time. I am not “predictable,” but my friends love getting a quick note to say “hi, I am just thinking of you.” Shoot me an email and we can exchange details. How fun!
    Jennifer recently posted…What I did last summerMy Profile

    • donnao

      YAY! Very excited. I’ll send you info through FB :). I will send it tonight, but no hurry…just know the potential if forgetting! Thanks so much. LOVED poking around your site a bit this evening.

  5. We cleaned out our garage over the weekend and I found not one but TWO boxes full of stationery! I love having beautiful notecards and notepaper on hand for times when I have to mail someone a check or write a quick thank you.
    Hope you get lots of takers on your pen pal request :)

    • donnao

      I used to collect stationary but have not done so in a while. The other day I sent a birthday card to my niece and realized they will probably get very few hand written letters in their lifetime. It made me sad and so i decided to write them letters regularly. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. I would love to participate, but I know myself! I would agree and then never write and my poor penpal would be left with an empty mailbox!! I have great intentions… even bought a sheet of international stamps for my Canadian friends… and it sits unused!
    Julie Anne recently posted…Behind the Scenes: with MickeyMy Profile

    • donnao

      JULIE! You have such gorgeous hand made cards to send! I am shocked :). Not really…time is never on a mamas side! WHEN can we meet! Maybe two weeks!!!! I should be in Dickson City Aug 1 :).

  7. Great resource! I love note cards and I would love to get into the habit of
    mailing them out!

  8. margie

    I’ll join! I love getting mail. :) Mail to send is so much easier in VA..leave it in my mailbox and the mailperson picks it up. : )

  9. Donna! I love this! Such a confirmation of what the Lord was reminding me of; how I used to take time to write, send cards. But haven’t been doing it lately at all & I know so many sick or that just need encouragement. But I would love to be included in your endeavor, how ever it will go! I guess you will let us know. Beautiful post!

  10. I’ve always been a letter writer :) I’ve let it slip in the past few years, but I still pull out cards now and then and mail a note to friends.

    It’s SO much more fun to get something in the mail box!

    • donnao

      This next year I have a plan to send out as many birthday, anniversary, etc, cards as I can remember. Using an app on my smart phone I hope to succeed! I cannot recall the last time I mailed a card to someone over the age of 10 :0)!

  11. I remember having a penpal when I was younger and I enjoyed it. He was actually from Italy and his English wasn’t that great but he taught what little bit of Italian I now know. Gone are those days. Now everything is done electronically and not even in full English. I still have to ask my daughter what some of those acronyms are when I see them on my phone. Becoming penpals definitely sound like something I can do. I’ll send you a message on FB. :)
    Growing Up Madison recently posted…Almost Wordless Wednesday: Who Wants An Oreo?My Profile

  12. A friend recently lost her husband of almost 30 years. They courted through letters, and she still has all of them. What a blessing and comfort for her. It’s so sad that our children are unlikely to have the same experience. Texts and tweets just aren’t the same as a box full of lovingly considered letters.

    • donnao

      I have a few letters from the hubby back when we dated and I was away at college. I cherish them…especially as I know he is a man of few words and they did not come easy to him. Thanks so much for stopping by!

    • donnao

      I know this is true! I have a few letters from Jim when we were apart during the college years. He is a man of few words (especially of the romantic kind) so I cherish them!

  13. I still handwrite my journal :-) Guess that doesn’t count? I even handwrite some fiction and blogposts. i do have stationary around here…somewhere…if I wrote letters more often I might remember where it was. i think the last personal correspondence I handwrote was a thank-you note.
    Carolyn Moore recently posted…A Sunday Diversion – Epically Awesome AwardsMy Profile

  14. Joy Pence from Ohio

    I think it is a great idea. I used to be have a pen pal when I was younger. Right now I am writing to a young man that I used to take to Sunday School when he was a child. He has gotten himself into some trouble and is now serving a 4 year sentence. I had lost track of him as he grew up and when I saw his picture in our local paper, the Lord laid it on my heart to write to him. I would love to have another pen pal! I will reply to you when I receive my book!

    • donnao

      Please let me know when it arrives!

      • Joy Pence from Ohio

        Received my book Friday, thank you so much. Also love the card inside. I will reply soon. I look forward to future actual handwritten letters! Thank you again for your blog and the gift. I look forward to reading it while on my vacation in a few weeks.

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