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Update on 2013 Goals-Becoming Debt-Free and Getting Healthy

Here’s a little update on two 2013 Goals-Becoming Debt-Free and
Getting Healthy

Well, we are now entering the LAST half of 2013. CUH-RAZY! Each year I feel like the first half flies by and the second half drags.

Why do you think that is?

Back in January, I shared some ’13 goals. The July Ultimate Blog Challenge has me thinking about daily posts, so why not give a little update at the “half-way done” mark.

There are two major goals I had for this year:

  1. Getting Healthy
  2. Reducing our debt


I had a goal of losing 75 pounds this year.

At this point I should be about halfway there at a 37.5 pound loss.

I am at 10.

 Update on 2013 Goals Becoming Debt Free and Getting Healthy

I admit, it is disappointing. 

I am doing and feeling better than I have in years, but this mid-life, post-surgery body is not cooperating.

There have been a few unexpected side tracks…illnesses, trips to help the kids, etc.

Life happens and I can’t kill myself over it.

I find the best succes using Spark People as well as following the South Beach Diet plan. I have a growing collection of strategies, resources, and recipes and I hope to share them under my “Healthy Living” page.

I must admit…it is VERY frustrating to work hard and see S-L-O-W results.

Anyone else out there struggling with mid-life weight issues? Have any GREAT resources for me? I am open to suggestions!


The other “big” goal was to get as close to debt-free living as we could in 12 months.

We started out this year with just under $12,000 in combined NON-house debt {meaning not including our home equity house payment}.

This goal has fared better than the first.

For the first 5 months we scrimped and saved and sent nearly all of our “extra” money off to either medical or Master Card bills.

We were making significant headway…until the radiator broke on the Jeep. Since we had no reserve, we needed to charge the repair.

Some would say “Live without the Jeep”. That was not an option for a few reasons.

We do have my father-in-laws truck, but I am NOT a fan of driving it as it is BIG. And a gas guzzler.

And it is BIG.

Did I mention it is BIG???

Keep in mind, I did not learn to drive until I was 33. I simply do not feel comfortable driving that BIG truck.

 Update on 2013 Goals Becoming Debt Free and Getting Healthy

{This is the same truck. TRUST me…it’s bigger in person!}

In the long run, fixing the Jeep was the right choice as the truck broke just a few weeks later. 

Advice to readers:

Vehicles WILL break. It is wise to put even a small amount each month aside in order to help defray the cost of upkeep. <tweet

We really were being diligent and making decisions to cut back here and there. Still, this was beginning to feel like a “no-win” situation.

We sent every dollar to the debt but had little to hold back to build a reserve.

Advice to the readers:

Avoid debt from the git go and THEN you will not HAVE issues like choosing whether to buy groceries or pay off a bill. <tweet


After much prayer and consideration, we approached our bank to apply for another home equity loan. We were approved and this allowed us to pay off ALL of the debt we had and leave a few hundred dollars to start building our reserve. 

We ONLY borrowed what we needed and we carefully worked the numbers so the pay back each month is well within the budget.

This saved us THOUSANDS of dollars in interest we were paying on the charge card!

At first it felt like we cheated.

A friend of mine asked:

“WHY? Because it was not as painful as you thought it should be?”

Interesting question.

I guess she was partly correct. I sort of felt like we should have stayed scrimping and saving and suffering along the way…kind of like paying penance for poor financial choices.

I suppose that’s a little crazy since I am no longer Catholic and I am pretty sure penance does not apply anymore.

We now have established a new financial goal:

Build up our reserve so we are able to deal with unexpected financial needs without running to the plastic!

This means we STILL need to live frugally.

This is not too hard for us as we are both pretty frugal people.

On the flip side, this also allows us to establish a small “slush” fund for small household projects and the occasional trip to the movies…all without feeling guilty that ALL our money should go towards debt reduction.

So, halfway through the year, how are your 2013 goals looking? Have you met any of them? Have you met any opposition? Any creative solutions?

 This concludes day 9 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge!

UBC banner2 Update on 2013 Goals Becoming Debt Free and Getting Healthy


pixel Update on 2013 Goals Becoming Debt Free and Getting Healthy

9 Responses

  1. I have those same goals. I REALLY need to lose weight so I feel better, look better, & become healthier. Easier said than done. I am looking into Plexus Slim. Some of my friends swear by it & they are getting amazing results. We’ll see.

    My husband & I have struggled & lived paycheck to paycheck for so long, that even though he has had a good job for several months, we are still playing catch up. I hope to tackle becoming debt free soon!
    Tracie B. recently posted…I Can See Clearly Now…My Profile

    • donnao

      Tracie…welcome :0). It is so hard to get ahead when you are playing catch-up. Just stay the course and find any way you can to cut back and give up. It will only be temporary so if you can do it for six months or one year of scrimping, it will give you something to look forward to once you are “on the other side”:).
      There are so many supplements I wanted to try over the years, but they all have the potential of causing kidney issues and I have this kidney/bladder thing already, so I am hesitant to try them 0_0! Hope you find just the right balance between food, moving, and supplements to help you reach your goals :).
      If you care to head over to my post from yesterday, you can enter to win a GREAT book for healthy living and goal setting. All you need to do is make a comment and it enters you automatically :).
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. What a fantastic post! Weight…. i’m right there with you! It is taking me what seems to be forever to lose weight. I’m the busiest fat person I know *grin* And still it stays put. But we will persevere and succeed!

    Debt.. i’m working on that one too. It is my goal to be debt free (other than the house) by the end of 2014. We’re steadily working on it and finding ways to cut corners and still enjoy life.

    I wish you continued success on your goals, because regardless of how you may feel some days, you are succeeding!
    SuttonsDaze recently posted…3 Things we make instead of buyMy Profile

    • donnao

      That was quite encouraging! thank you for commenting. I suppose success needs to be measured by how you are working towards goals, not just in reaching the goals alone!
      One day at a time! Just an FYI thing…I am having a book giveaway on this post and if you leave a comment there it will automatically enter you in to win. It’s a great motivational book called The Spark. It’s very helpful for weight loss, but also all goals in general. Just a thought :).

  3. It sounds like you are doing a great job. Losing 10 pounds is awesome!
    Foodie in WV recently posted…Don’t Buy Overpriced Take-Out, Make it at Home: Asian Chicken Thighs RecipeMy Profile

  4. I wish I’d made losing weight a goal, because I have done that this year. I’m not going to talk about the actual goals I set, because I have completely ignored all of them.
    Ginger Kay recently posted…Peaches, the taste of summerMy Profile

    • donnao

      :)…notice I only referred to TWO of my goals! {Whistling as I walk away…}
      Hey! I know….PRE-date a blog post with all the amazing things you have accomplished and use “future tense”! Sort of like making a check-off list at the END of the day and checking everything off!

  5. Those are great goals! Slow and steady wins the race as you are proving!
    Esther recently posted…Windsor Hills vs. Onsite Disney Resort: Which One Is Better?My Profile

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